About us

It seems incredible, but even small buyers are waited with arms open in the wholesale trade of second-hand clothes with the greatest offer in Central Europe!

Klado 2000 kft. is not the largest company in Western Europe, but it has 22 year experience. This makes it possible for us to find clothes of the highest quality and offer them for sale to our customers. It is important that we deal exclusively with wholesale trade, therefore we have no retail store.

At first our company sold a large part of second-hand clothes from the offer received from European countries, but taking into consideration that certain goods can not be purchased in  large quantities from the countries of the old continent, we began trade with the United States of America and Canada. / Not packaged clothes! /

We want to be appealed not only by those who want a large amount, but also those who would like to buy clothes in smaller quantities. We can serve these customers with goods packed in transparent bags of 8-14 kg. It is important: bags are repacked within our premises from 50-100 kg bags into smaller bags of 8-14 kg!

Our stock is in a continuous expansion!

We are awaiting our buyers at our 1000 square meter premises, with a polite service and a delicious coffee! 

You can check our bags! Each person must trust his/ her own eyes, hands and senses!

"Buy only what you can sell"

It is true that we are not Central Europe's largest distribution company for second hand clothes, but we have the largest variety of second-hand clothes!! (Products packaged in 200 ways)